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The Nude Blush Edit

Hi Everyone,
A colour that looks good on you, should stay with you forever and you should keep on adding it to your everyday outfits or make-up routine. I had my doubts wether or not a nude-pale colour would look anywhere near as good on me, as it does on other’s. As spring rolled in 2 years ago, I noticed a trend that I was unsure of, as i have pale skin that can look really washed-out against strong colours like bright red’s or a strong burgundy. However, i bought my first nude-blush top to tryout this trend and give my neutral wardrobe a burst of colour.

Well, 2 years on i have never been so obsessed with this colour. In fact now it takes-up at least 60% of my wardrobe colour. Nude-blush paired well with a stronger colour is the key to creating a balanced outfit and always keeping it current. It can be worn all year round, provided that you stick to the rules and never stray from overdoing it. For example…

Summer: NB Dress with tan shoes and a taupe bag. Autumn: NB Camisole with w…

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