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It’s Been Too Long

Hi Everyone, I can’t believe it!! It’s been so long since I have updated you or even posted-up a Nude Blush post. I am so sorry, I have just been busy with a little thing called life. As you know, what it’s like.

I have been dedicated, disengaged and dissatisfied with a lot recently. So, I thought a bit of time off would give me a changed to re-callobrate and reconnect with a few aspects of my life that have been annoying me. I have managed to form more a zen approach to life over this past month and settled on changing a coupe of things.

First of all, I was so disinterested in what I had in my wardrobe that I decided to clean it out. But, Why? I was basically so overwhelmed by how disorganised it had become and the level of presentation was just a bit of an eyesore. So i decided to get busy and reorganised and pop into my Local Target for some of their amazing rose gold hangers.
I managed to take a bin bag full of unworn clothes up to my local Vinnie’s drop-off and some of it just w…

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