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Massive Update #Immunity

Hi Everyone, Well as you have probably noticed i have been absent from my blog. Not because i have decided to stop blogging or worse given up loving beauty, fashion and food entirely. Simply because in the past couple of months i have had to reconsider a couple of major life changing opportunities and topped it off with the worst flu virus i have ever had.

It’s amazing just what can happen within the space of a day. One moment you are on top of the world, the next sick. I always put my health first and make sure i get plenty of rest. I love to remain active each day and love getting things done.

However, what this month has taught me is no matter what age you are, how many vitamins and minerals you get or how well you treat your body. Is that somehow you can manage to fall ill.

There is no way that i would have even considered getting the flu this year nor even imagined that it would affect a person my age. On average more reported cases of the flu are within the elderly or children.…

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